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Embodied Dance

Embodiment is the convergence of cognitive processes with physiological states that both inform and influence emotional expressions and spiritual experiences.


Zoukies founder Jonny Driscoll teaches embodied dance in a way that invites both mind and body to work together, creating powerful and emotional experiences of transcendence, connectedness and wisdom.


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What is Embodied Dance?

Through embodiment, your confidence and capacity to dance will be flowing abundantly, as will your radiance of peace and joy.

Course Information

The Embodied Dance Leadership Course is a culmination of collected wisdom, collected experience and established theories. There are 6 category containers for the course:



Body Actions

Body refers to the physical vessel through which movement is expressed. It encompasses the entirety of a persons anatomy, the functional movements, and the subtle nuances that are rooted in individual experience.


Through embodied dance, a person becomes deeply aware of internal sensations, emotions, and memories, channeling them into expressive movement.


Shape Forms

Shape is the combination of body and space; it denotes the energy-flow forms and postures the body adopts within an active spacial field. Shape includes all intentions and projections into further relational components with the Self, others and beyond.


Shape is the energetic balance and potential of the individual and is an invaluable part of all communication.



In the context of embodied dance, spirituality represents the transcendental connection a person feels. It’s the sense of being part of something greater, of tapping into universal energies or truths in movement. The connection of mind and body becomes a sacred ritual, a bridge between the tangible world and the ethereal realms of spirit and soul.


Spacial Spheres

Space pertains to the environment in which the person moves, including the immediate surrounding area and the broader setting. In embodied dance, space isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an active participant and co-creator.


Learn to engage with space, navigating through, around, and within it; allowing the environment to influence and be influenced by movement. Space becomes an extension of the body.


Dynamic Efforts

Efforts (such as weight, spacial-focus, time and flow) are the icing on the cake. After connecting with the body, inviting the presence of space into our embodied awareness, and then becoming conscious of our inner and outer landscape... efforts are what we decide to do with all of this embodied potential. How do I choose (or let flow into existence) my potential.


Efforts are a reflection of our wider human experience.



Relational concepts address the interplay between different aspects of one body, multiple bodies or a combination of bodies and space.


In embodied dance, relationships are deepened as dancers attune to their own energetic properties and those of the out of body experience. Ultimately, shared experience is what unites us in community.

The Spiritual Component of Embodied Dance

Accessing the spiritual component of embodied dance has holistic and profound benefits. Your mind and body will feel regenerated, expanded, and perceptions of stress will dissolve immediately.

Dance Meditations

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In every dance, we are witness to the immense possibility of being human.

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