Heart Coaching

  • Live with yourself and others in a way that creates the life you want.

    1 hr 30 min

    150 Swiss francs

Dear beautiful soul, let me introduce you to Heart Coaching and when something from this page resonates with you, please write to me here and I will be happy to arrange a free consultation.

What is Heart Coaching?

When I'm experiencing a challenging situation in life, I often notice two things happening; my mind generates thoughts (that I label points of views), and my body generates an energetic response (that I label feelings). So what I often like to do with these points of views and feelings is sit in the middle of them and observe them. I call this place my heart, and for me it is a safe space to listen to both sides of the story without getting caught up in the drama. This helps me to resolve many challenging situations with clarity, speed and love.


In my ♥ Heart Coaching ♥ sessions,