Private Classes


If you want to gain confidence and learn faster, we recommend that you take private classes. Brazilian Zouk is a beautiful dance that uses your full body for movement and connection, and for this to be done well there is a lot of technique for your mind and body to integrate. During Private Classes you will learn techniques and exercises with a specific focus on you, your body and learning type.

Brazilian Zouk can be demanding on your body, and so it is important to learn techniques and strength exercises to control and protect yourself. When done properlyBrazilian Zouk is relaxing, fluid and should not cause any pain.

Booking & Abo's

We have two pricing options for private classes. You can purchase an abo here, or book a single class below. If you already have an abo for Private Classes, make sure you are signed into your account and then book directly through the single class link below. If you are signed into your account correctly you will not be charged and the booking will be assigned to your abo.